Goodbye for now

This past Sunday was my last day of work at Zen Hospice’s Guest House. In 3 weeks I start an accelerated nursing program and won’t be able to work for the 12 months of that BSN program. I’ve spent 3 and a half years at the Guest House giving bedside care to people at the end of their lives, first as a volunteer and then on the nursing staff as a CNA, 24-60 hours a week. It’s been the most fulfilling and profoundly meaningful time of my life. I feel such sadness that this chapter has ended but great excitement to be about to start the final stage of becoming an RN.  I found my home and my family at the Guest House unlike anywhere else. I’ll miss everyone dreadfully! This work has been such a deep blessing for me and it’s an honor to have been there for so many for their final breaths.

As hospice work is all about, I am loving, letting go and moving on with much gratitude.  Thank you for reading my stories.  (I might squeeze in one more before the semester starts…)